Healing Music

music helps....

The Music for Healing & Transition Program
 Research proves that Live Acoustic Music at
 Bedside can:

Stabilize Blood pressure

Stabilize irregular respiration
Relieve stress and anxiety
Facilitate the transition process
for the dying & their families
Augment pain management
Support the grieving process
Relieve mental tension
Provide time for contemplation
Create a soothing, peaceful environment
The Music for Healing and Transition Program
The Music for Healing & Transition Program™ (MHTP™) is a course of study that prepares a musician to create, with live therapeutic music, a healing environment that serves the ill, the dying and those who care for them.

MHTP™recognizes the therapeutic benefits that music can bring to people of a wide range of ages and disabilities. Its mission is to provide training in this service, broaden public awareness of the value of palliative music and develop affiliations with healing, charitable and educational  organizations.

Graduates of MHTP™ are certified as Music Practitioners (CMP®). The Music for Healing and Transition Program certifies many different types of instrumentalists as well as vocalists.

What the Professionals Have to Say

“Half an hour of music produced the
same effect as ten milligrams of valium.”
-Dr. Raymond Bahr, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore
“Music…is a service modality that can help to facilitate communication between the family and the patient who is actively dying,
while also providing a comforting presence.”
-American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
“Music has been recognized through
research as a safe, inexpensive and
effective non-pharmaceutical way to
relieve anxiety.”
-Dr. Brian Seeney, National Naval Medical Center, Maryland
“Music is such a powerful tool for
alleviating many of the symptoms that the seriously ill and dying experience.”
-Dorothy L. Pitner, President and CEO,
Palliative Care Center and Hospice of North Shore
“No visitors but the harp lady”
-Bone marrow transplant patient at Strong Hospital
What Therapeutic Practitioners Do
Certified Music Practitioners provide one-on-one palliative care to the ill and dying in hospitals, hospices, homes and other clinical settings.  By focusing on a single patient at a time, the Music Practitioner can provide therapeutic music which meets the patient's needs in the moment, creating a nurturing environment which facilitates healing.
Music Practitioners provide unobtrusive, soothing music as a service, not entertainment. Patients are always given the option to refuse. If they choose music, they do so with the understanding that there is no obligation to talk or interact in any way with the Practitioner.

MHTP™ is a 501.C.3 non-profit corporation, exclusively for charitable, literary and educational purposes, funded from tuition and donations. Donations are tax-deductible. MHTP™ became accredited in 2008 by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM). The MHTP™ completed the full application process proving and demonstrating that the program fully meets the standards for training Therapeutic Music Practitioners



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